On the ULTRALawn Side of the Fence

Say ‘goodbye’ to dangerous and annoying mosquitoes!

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the way mosquitoes are spreading new diseases everywhere they can. Granted, it takes them a bit to get this far north in most cases, but the fact is that, even for us in Iowa, these pests have gone beyond annoying and are quickly becoming dangerous.

That’s why ULTRALawn has added a new service for 2017! We’ve just completed training for a new product that claims to reduce localized mosquito presence by 70-80% for up to 6 weeks! That will certainly make the back yard more enjoyable.

It’s time to act, and we’ve finally got a solution that seems to work well. You can give us a call when you need an application or anytime if you have questions.

And remember, as always, avoid standing, stagnant water to eliminate potential breeding spots!


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